Goodbye? No.

I’m writing this for Jayna’s 50-word story challenge. The theme this week is “Goodbye”, and is one close to me right now. I can’t seem to say it.

This is a true story from earlier this morning. Hurricane Michael was supposed to be mild but even here–a thousand miles from landfall–it wreaked its havoc.


They said the winds would max out around sixteen but they nearly ripped Koshi’s butterfly bush out of the ground.

No more death, my heart sobbed.

I carefully snaked the nylon rope through its limbs, pulled the rope around the streetlight, and gently pulled the treasured tree back into place.

I haven’t forgotten my friends here. I miss you all and love many of you. Thank you each who have helped me muddle through this loss of my best friend. The tears still flow daily, nightly, and many times in between. Knowing you are there, with me in your thoughts, helps more than you may know. I will be back, and hopefully soon, with a minimum of damage.